find Some Joy

I eat a lot of candy – but stick to Mother Nature’s candy.

I LOVE to eat.  Have I said that before?  I have a very a sweet tooth, that is rotten to the core.

Sour Patch Kids.  Sweet Tarts.  Gummie Bears.  Life Saver’s Gummies.  Candy bars.  SKITTLES!!  One of the hardest habits to kick.  For me, that is saying a lot.

But if I must, and sometimes I do, I have switched out the processed sweets with the delectable joys that Mother Nature provides.  By far my favorite (ask my mother, I go through pounds) are dried cranberries.  A sweet and tart healthy alternative for my beloved sour skittles and sour Life Saver’s Gummie yummys.

Sure, people have said, dried fruit can still have high sugar.  But there is a difference.  According to Everyday Health, the sugars that Mother Nature provides bread down slower – preventing dangerous sugar spikes.  Processed sugars lead “to problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more.”

Also, there are several added health benefits, that processed candy doesn’t provide, says Medical New Daily.  For example, cranberries can help blood pressure, can reduce inflammation (I did just break a toe),  reduce cancer risks, help stop gum disease, have fiber, several vitamins, and the list goes on…

Moderation is the key.  I have a problem here.  No secrets.  I have to create a system of checks and balances, or pre-planned self-control, in several areas of my life.  For food, I drink a glass of water when I feel hungry and this helps fill my stomach and curve my appetite.  I live in one of the hottest climates on earth – so I can always use a glass of water anyhow.  I’m a doer, not a planner.  I haven’t looked into the risks of that, but has helped me loose and keep off a lot of extra weight.

Don’t like cranberries?  No more excuses to step out of your box and try something new.  Most grocery stores have an awesome selection of organic dried self-serve bins full of delicious treats.  I love mango, banana chips, apricot – well, I haven’t met a fruit I didn’t like, yet.

You will almost never hear me tell anyone what they should do – but it’s fun to pick out a few things and always good for me to have some healthy snacks around.  I’ve even found a few fruits that I’ve never heard of and really stepped out of my box to treat myself to a little joy.

I believe that mind, body, and soul are all connected, and I need to feed my body good food before I can fee the rest.



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