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I don’t need it all, right now. Good things can come one step at a time.

Sometimes I have to force myself to sit for a few minutes. Refuel. Recharge.

When I feel my energy drop… if I don’t listen to my body and stop for a few minutes, then I’m like a dead battery trickling to a dead stop. I make mistakes and everything takes longer.

Nope. Better to chill a few minutes then come back strong, refreshed, and stay focused. This is a hard lesson that I am still learning and difficult for me to do. refreshed.

It’s paying off. The hard work. Slow and steady. We have a team, coming together, and I’m starting to pick up my own jobs. I’m not forcing it, but it’s coming together to become a pretty solid business. But, I do things steady and slow now. One step at a time.

Came up with a name for it, last night. 🙂 I’ll just sit with that, for now. Until it’s time to take that next step.

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