living Healthy

Work work work… RELAX. Then work work work.

Even when I’m up on a deadline and working crazy hours, I have begun to listen to my body and mind. When one of the two aches or becomes drained, I’ve found that if I keep pushing my productivity drops and I make stupid mistakes that take time to fix.

Nope. Tortoise wins the race. Good pace and keep refreshed.

I pull out my camping matress, kick off my shoes, do some yoga poses to stretch out, then lay back on a comfy pile of tile and just stop for 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe catch a 20 minute nap.

If I don’t, I’m like a battery that drains and drains till the light is so dim that you can’t see anything. When I do, I come back with full energy and clarity and kick ass. Frustration levels stay low and joy levels stay high.

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