Daily Quote/Meditation

Science or Religion? Whichever, I find gratitude and celebrate the small moments on a path to happiness and self-love.

God created humans to be self-critical, but also curious and inflective. God also created us to recognize the gifts of beauty that are everywhere, to find gratitude, humility, spirituality, being centered, at peace, and finding self-love. I have never believed that God is an angry punishing God – I’m sure he has a lot to do and no time to micromanage us – but instead created a system that manages itself. Ways to find ourselves back to our path when we are open to his spirit.

I say this often: I am not religious. One of the gifts of bipolar is that we are able to use both sides of our brain. I am both immensely creative and can live in science and the abstract. So I understand the science, physics, and chemistry of how things work, grow and thrive on a biological and chemical level. BUT, I believe that a Higher Power MUST have created this universe, spun the laws of nature into motion, and spawned the energy that cannot be created nor destroyed. We, as humans, can change it, we can bend it, we can transfer it, we can send it to the moon – but, that I know of, we cannot create it.

As a curious person, I have been to the church of every denomination of Christianity, meditated with Buddhist Monks, and been to Mosque and Temple. I have found a way to connect spiritually through all of them. I have had conversations of deep growth, that have changed my belief system, through my faith-filled friends -when I am in a place of peace, understanding, and love.

So I say this: It doesn’t matter to me if you are Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Buddhist, Athiest, or just like to stand on tree stumps doing Yoga poses… Take a moment, as often as possible, to stop, take a deep breath, look at a beautiful fluffy cloud or smell the flowers that are for sale in the grocery store – and find a place of gratitude for that moment. Find a piece of joy and LOVE at that moment.

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