Daily Quote/Meditation

Daily Quote/Meditation: The future can be a wild beast.

I don’t worry about the future anymore. The future can be a wild beast; I usually can’t control it and it rarely does what I want it to do.

I just live in the moment and do what needs to be done – and look at the sky at a fluffy cloud, every once in a while, and thank God and Mother Nature for the beautiful things to look at. 🙂

Said this to a very dear friend while we were were just talking.

I have goals, yes, but most are flexible. My life has always been a series of adventures and I never know what surprises are around the corner. So, I keep an ever growing to-do and idea list- etch away bit by bit. Top of that list is to take time for me, each day, and stay centered and find gratitude. If I continue that, and continue to work on myself from inside out, the rest has a way of working out how it needs to.

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