Daily Quote/Meditation

My light couldn’t shine bright, while I was trying to be a moon.

It’s like asking a bright burning star, off in the night sky, to stop radiating its light across space and time; instead, you should try being an small ice covered moon.

I look back and just laugh that I thought, for part of my life, that I could cram myself into a corporate routine filled box, stuck in a rut.

I thought that I needed strict structure to be grounded. Routine, yes, but that fits my needs. In fact, it is expressing my creativity that is a huge part of my joy, happiness, zest for life, and ability to ground myself.

If you are not happy or feel stuck in your rut – go find your self. It doesn’t have to be a year and a half adventure/journey, homeless on the road, like I took. Just start with one thing on your “I’ve always wanted to…” list.

Something that has worked amazingly well for me: I see someone that is in a trade that interests me. I offer to work insanely cheap as long as they teach me their skill. Never has anyone turned me down. I bust my ass, at it, for 10 dollars an hour. Without asking, they increase the pay quickly. In a month or two, they are sub-contracting jobs to me. Now, I almost have the skills to build a house from scratch. I can work with almost any medium in my art – from wood, to welding, water, electrical, and fire.

So take a little risk, and find your joy.

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  1. Really important message here! Most people give their lives away for expectations and money and ignore the better things in life, I’m happy you didn’t 🙂 Great post, keep it up!
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    Keep inspiring!


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