living Healthy

My vape is now another bad habit that I am changing, just a vapor tail floating out of existence.

We can change the things we don’t like about ourselves.

We don’t have to be defined from anything. I am changing through the work I am doing on myself. Anybody can. I am not defined by past, the way my brain is wired, my fear, other’s ideas of how I need to live my life, society, media, my addiction recovery, or bipolar.

Now, when I don’t like something about myself or lifestyle – no more excuses – I change it. It takes time and hard work, but that work is so damn worth it. Part of building the path to my happiness.

In this case, it’s a habit I have been slave to. I had my final stand, today. It was either a sign from above or my body rejecting it. I had finally replaced the glass on my vape the other night, and today the damn top popped off and my glass broke again. Before that, it made me so nauseous that I almost vomited with car sickness. So I’ve taken it apart and put it away.

I have been taking about giving up my vape, for a while. I began stepping down from 24 nic.

Few reasons: 1. I feel like I need it, at times. I stopped caffeine after noon, but I’m phasing out any mood altering substance. 2. I leave it everywhere and break it often. It’s becoming an expense that I don’t want. 3. It dries my mouth

out. Last thing you need in the desert. Dry mouth. 😂😂

I wouldn’t mind getting some good cherry and vanilla pipe tobacco, though. Pulling out my grandpa’s pipes, here and there, for a relaxing puff while reading a book. 🙂

After this, I tackle time management. Those who know my #wtfibtime know that this will be my ultimate challenge. Lifetime of rationalizing this bad behavior, is coming to an end.

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