Our Stories

Thank you for being part of our journey.

In July, of 2017, we set out on a (planned) three month coast to coast vacation.  Several things came together to make this trip a possibility, and needed adventure.  It has become so much more, to us, as time goes by – as we have new experiences, tragedy strikes, new people come into our lives, and challenges placed in front of us.

I go a little more into detail on that, in my bio.  But when this trip began, it purely about discovering self and revolved around personal reasons.  What I didn’t take into account, was the rich experience of connecting to others – family, friends, complete strangers met along the way, and those of you that are watching from afar (living vicariously through us).

I didn’t even start recording the trip until we were about two months in.  The only reason I did, was so that friends and family felt more at ease when coudn’t talk on a regular basis.  This started from an Instagram page opened for privately “sharing the beautiful, insightful, silly, and fun, along the way.”  It was my father who first suggested that I start making videos.  So I dusted off my unused GoPro, and to my surprise I fell in love with capturing my silly doings and making short films.  I was more surprised when I opened my Instagram page to the public, and got almost 900 followers withing a few weeks.

When I had people messaging me, to ask about the trip and questions about Bolt, I was honored that people connecting with what we were doing.  Some that love to travel, some were animal lovers, and others were camper/adventurers.  All around, whatever the reason, most enjoyed watching the adventures unfold.

So I decided to create this blog – and the ideas began to flood in on what I can do with it.  It has become an excellent way for me to express myself and show my gratitude for what this trip is providing me.   A sense of adventure, constant education, need to problem solve, incredible insight, and the beginning of life long friendships.

So please, dig through and enjoy.  I love criticism – good and bad.  It’s how we grow and become better at what we do.  So, please leave your comments and ideas – and I will thoughtfully consider everything you post.

This is no longer about the adventures of Bolt and I – but something much larger – it is about you, us, spirituality, and the encouragement to eagerly face the challenges that life throws at us.